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Armenian Enough

Dec 9, 2021

The Armenian Dating Show is one of those ideas whose time has (thankfully) come! Showcasing a variety of diasporan Armenians is arguably the hallmark of our podcast - but the sheer array of different  expressions of being Armenian is also a truth that emerges from the singles, whose dating lives we catch a glimpse of on the show. The genuine care on behalf of cast & crew alike allows for the vulnerable reality of a first blind-date to be captured and experienced vicariously through the safety of our screens. The Armenian Dating Show feels authentic and honest in a way that harkens more to documentary filmmaking than to what we have come to expect of so-called reality television. Beautifully shot and edited, the series feels nothing like a YouTube show, and everything like a Netflix show you might binge watch with friends over the weekend!

You can reach The Armenian Dating Show at

And on IG @thearmeniandatingshow and @miaseen_inc