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Armenian Enough

Feb 11, 2021

Even people who never suffered from anxiety probably got to experience some over the last year. A global pandemic can do that to us! As adults, we generally have the benefit of perspective as well as a whole host of healthy and not-so-healthy coping mechanisms. But what can children do when they are the ones dealing with anxiety? Who is there to listen to their fears? And perhaps more importantly, how can we teach them constructive and effective methods of quieting the "buzzing" in their heads. Dr. Muradian, a therapist specializing in anxiety, has just published a children's book called Franky and the Worry Bees, about just this topic. Hear her speak about why we could all use a little help managing our discomfort.

You can reach Dr. Regine Muradian on her website

On IG @dr._regine_muradian

Purchase your copy of Franky and The Worry Bees here.